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I hereby authorize ICanServe Foundation, Inc. to deduct an amount representing donation(s) from my credit card.

I acknowledge that my liability for these charges will not be waived and that I will be held personally liable in the event that the issuing bank/ institution refuses to pay the full amount.


Should I decide to cancel my donation (transaction), I shall inform ICanServe Foundation, Inc. in writing by first emailing info@icanservefoundation.org. Upon verification of receipt of my funds, ICanServe Foundation will issue, in registered cardholder’s name, a check representing a full refund of canceled donation (transaction) minus administrative (bank) fees.

I understand and accept all the Terms and Conditions of Donation and the Cancellation Policy.

ICanServe relies on the generosity of donors in urgently pursuing the mission to educate women on breast cancer, promote early detection, encourage women to take charge of their health and subsidize women on cancer treatments. You can make a one-time donation or pledge to make regular, repeated donations throughout the year.

Your generosity helps save the light of the Filipino family — its mothers and daughters – and serves as an investment in the health and lives of future generations.

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